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The New Futures Network will seek to help to implement prison reform by driving local and national partnerships within the public, private and voluntary sectors, and boosting innovation within prison and probation.

The following diagram explains the emerging vision:

Brokerage and capacity building

Community Mapping: identifying networks and assets for mutually beneficial pertnerships and shared goals, making better use of existing resource and identifying new resource.

Local Employment Groups (LEGs) or Local NFN: involving business, employers, commissioners and education providers across the new regions/sub regions. Helping to develop, deliver, and scale pre-apprenticeship qualifications, and Centres of Excellence successes.

NFN "Involve": working with business, further and higher education and the voluntary sector to increase the secondments and internships and provide training for prison leaders to work more effectively with commercial partners, the third sector and volunteers.

Creating a self-improving system

NFN "Home Grow": supporting staff, prisoners and leaders to initiate and improve rehabilitative projects. Focused on sustainability, strategic partnerships and impact. E.g. social enterprises and mutuals.

NFN Reform Summit(s): binding together reformers and establishing a milestone in the calendar for everyone involved in rehabilitation and system improvement, to celebrate success and share progress.

NFN "Reach": using all media platforms to reach a wide audience, run by the NFN community, whereby NFN is the mechanism for feeding back evidence and experience to policy makers. A dynamic and accessible learning space encouraging intellectual curiosity at all levels, and bilateral links.



Rachel O’Brien

Rachel O’Brien

Prisons Consultant


Pamela Dow

Pamela Dow

Development Director


Jack Robson

Jack Robson