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Giving citizens a voice on housing and neighbourhoods

Can we use deliberative practices to address housing challenges at the neighbourhood level, and improve economic security and wellbeing?

If wellbeing concerns how we live, interact and feel, housing cuts across almost every dimension of it. Housing can be a substantial financial burden and the quality and allocation of housing can impact on people’s lives. Affordability and housing tenure strongly influence financial security and the likelihood of falling into poverty, while location and infrastructure can influence employment chances, access to services and nature, and contact with others.

The RSA’s Making Home project highlighted we need to start thinking more about how challenges with how we live can impact on our economic security and wellbeing. An important part of that is having a say over decisions that are made about our housing and neighbourhoods. That’s why, in Birmingham, we’re working with the Oak Foundation to understand how well deliberative practices can work in bringing together citizens within a neighbourhood, to deliberate their diverse wants and needs for better security and wellbeing, and influence decisions that are being made about how they live.

Stay tuned for blogs, progress updates, events and peer learning resources. If you are interested in this type of work or know of similar work that is already happening, then it would be great to hear your thoughts and experiences. If you know Birmingham, we’d love to hear your suggestions for a neighbourhood or community we should work with.

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Deliberative Democracy

Deliberative democracy is about listening to people again - a way to fight fake news, apathy, and division by creating spaces to talk and learn. We are using deliberative democracy in our work and supporting the growth of citizens' assemblies around the world.

Bringing deliberative democracy to the neighbourhood


Samanthi Theminimulle blogs on the background to our project on reinserting citizen voice into decisions made about our houses and neighbourhoods.

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