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Coronavirus update: event cancellations


Last reviewed: 1st April 2020


The RSA is following the advice from Public Health England, while taking active steps to minimise the impact of the virus on staff, Fellows and members of the public. Therefore:

  • Public, Fellowship and Rawthmells events are being held online where possible or otherwise cancelled.
  • RSA House is now closed until the end of May 2020.
  • RSA staff are working remotely where possible and are still contactable.

We will update this page regularly as the situation develops and our programme of activities returns to normal. 


RSA House is now closed

RSA House, including Rawthmells Coffeehouse, is now closed until at least the end of May 2020. All private and corporate bookings up until this date are now cancelled and those affected are being contacted by our House team regarding these arrangements. Bookings after this date are still being accepted but are subject to continued review between the House team with the organisers. 

For further information please contact a member of the House team:

The RSA Library is closed. The librarian is currently working remotely until further notice, Tuesdays to Thursdays, 9am-5pm. She can be contacted by emailing

For further information on loans during this period please check the Rawthmells Coffeehouse and RSA Library page. 


Current status of RSA scheduled events

All in-person events in the UK (RSA Public events and Fellowship events) until at least the end of May 2020 are cancelled, postponed or, where possible, being held online. 

We will be in touch with anyone who is registered to attend an affected event. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused. If you are unsure, please use the links below to check the status of events that you may be planning to attend:

·       View upcoming RSA public events

·       View upcoming Rawthmells events

·       View upcoming Fellowship events


Contacts while RSA Staff are working remotely


For enquiries, please use the details below: 

RSA Fellowship Events team - 

RSA Fellowship –  

RSA Public Events –  

Private and corporate events – 

Rawthmells Coffeehouse –  

Reception – 

RSA Global – 

Press Enquiries – 

Recruitment enquiries –  

Finance –  


Research and Impact teams

RSA Academies  – 

CLD / Education – 

EEM / Economy – 

FFCC / Food, Farming Countryside Commission – 

PSC / Public Services – 

Student Design Awards – 


If you need to contact an individual member of staff, please visit our staff pages for information.