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Student Design Awards: Moving pictures audio files

These audio files accompany the Moving pictures Student Design Awards brief.

Category 1: ‘Change is necessary’ by Sarah Ichioka

(excerpt length: 1:09, originally recorded in January 2022)

What does it mean to design for regeneration? Urbanist and systems thinker Sarah Ichioka describes the changes in mindset and practice that can help us shift from sustainable design to a truly radical regenerative approach – one where everything we do creates net-positive impacts for people, place and planet.

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Category 2: ‘Interrogate the truth’ by Jeffrey Boakye

(excerpt length: 1:13, originally recorded in June 2022)

Social Justice and the Curriculum. Drawing on his experiences as a black teacher and student, author Jeffrey Boakye argues that if we are to create a socially just future for everyone, the school curriculum must be a place where historical narratives, assumptions and distortions are explored, interrogated and challenged.

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