Student Design Awards judges 2022-23

Learn about the subject matter experts judging the 2022-23 Student Design Awards.

The judging panels are curated to have a diverse range of expertise related to each brief topic challenges across different industries. This includes brief partners, Student Design Award alumni and RSA Fellows.

Brief one: All being well

Picture of Samantha Barber FRSA
Chief Executive at Gene People and board member for the Royal Air Forces Association and RAFA Housing

Picture of Yun Chen
Assistant Professor & Associate Research Fellow at Beijing Institute of Technology School of Design

Picture of James Eelback
Co-founder & Director of Innovation at INDUSTRY of Us

Picture of Amy Gandon FRSA
Head of Policy and Participation at The RSA

Picture of Ben Lambert
Director, Product Design at frog

Picture of Payal Wadhwa
Vice President - Innovation, Strategy and Design at frog

Brief two: Powering people

Picture of Megan Blyth
Communities Project Manager at Centre for Sustainable Energy

Picture of Dr. Tony Eccott
Supply Chain Advisor, Catapult

Picture of Yi Kang Choo FRSA
Corporate Law Programme Co-ordiator at SEO London

Picture of Emma Finch
Artist, Therapist, Educator and Mentor at Emma Finch Ceramics

Picture of Anna Markland FRSA
Head of Innovation and Change at The RSA

Picture of Kaidi Ru FRSA
Consultant at SnT Information Consulting

Brief three: Signalling change

Picture of Frank Anatole
Principal Architect, Network Rail

Picture of Alison Barnes FRSA
Chief Executive at New Forest National Park Authority

Picture of Hilary Cuddy
Programme Lead at Design Council

Picture of Anthony Dewar
Professional Head Buildings and Architecture, Safety, Technical & Engineering, Network Rail

Picture of Clara Federrath
Behavioural Science Associate at INFLUENCE AT WORK

Picture of Elena Papadaki FRSA
Senior Lecturer at University of Greenwich

Brief four: Planet generation

Picture of Jo Barnard
Founder and Creative Director at Morrama and Instigator at Design Declares

Picture of Steve Broome
Service Development Manager at Healthy Ageing, East Sussex County Council

Picture of Terry Hume
Programme Manager at Community Resilience, East Sussex Public Health

Picture of Kate Mattick
Engagement Coordinator and Research Support at Global Disability Innovation Hub

Picture of Hugh F McIntyre FRSA
Consultant Physician at East Sussex Healthcare Trust and Non-Executive Director of the Kent and Medway Integrated Care Board

Picture of Dr Ashutosh Naik
Founder and Director at Terra Verum

Brief five: Amplify connections

Picture of Bettina Duerr
Policy Manager & Researcher at AlgorithmWatch CH

Picture of Peter Griffith
Group Industrial Design Director at Sky

Picture of Rick Lee O'Neil FRSA
Director at LTF Digital

Picture of Laura Pritsch FRSA
Head of Communications, Marketing & Events The Association of Commonwealth Universities

Picture of Fraser Reid
Lead Industrial Design Manager at Sky

Picture of Richard Stevens
Principal at Map Project Office

Brief six: Building better

Picture of Alex Bassett
Development Manager at Packaged Living, Aviva

Picture of Philipa Duthie FRSA
Oceania Director at The RSA

Picture of Jenny Ford FRSA
Founder at Materials in Mind and Project Lead at Factory X

Picture of Sean Moran
Director at Aviva Investors, Aviva

Picture of Anna Queralt
Strategic Design Manager at Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Picture of Mike Tonkin
Architect and Director

Picture of Johnny Grey
Founder, Johnny Grey Studios

Brief seven: Nature of work

Picture of Jon Ardern RDI
Co-Founder and Director at Superflux

Picture of Ebba Grythberg
Global Sustainability Manager at Spotify

Picture of Noorin Khamisani FRSA
Fashion Designer and Senior Lecturer in fashion and textile design

Picture of Amin Neghavati FRSA
Senior Digital Consultant at FuturEd

Picture of Sonya Simmonds
Head of Distributed First Experience at Spotify

Picture of Tom Stratton FRSA
Chief of Staff at The RSA

Brief eight: Tomorrow's menu

Picture of Marybel Soto Gomez
Project Manager at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Picture of Ilaria Mezzogori
Special Projects Manager at The Felix Project

Picture of Dan Pezzutti
Service Design Consultant

Picture of Antonio Potenza FRSA
CEO at Proodos Capital and Fund4Impact

Picture of Karishma Rafferty
Creative Programmer at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Picture of Natasha Savicheva FRSA
Senior Product Designer at Napo

Picture of Martin Topping
Publications Design Lead at Waitrose

Brief nine: Moving pictures

Picture of Lucy Greer
Marketing Manager, Natracare

Picture of Nathan Addai
Animator and Creative Entrepreneur

Picture of Justin Harris FRSA
Video Producer at The RSA

Picture of Dominic Thompson-Talbot FRSA
Executive Producer and Senior Animation Producer

Picture of Greg McIndoe
Freelance Illustrator & Design Writer, Founder of Headless Greg

Picture of Nigel Coates
Trustee, Marketing Trust

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