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Please consider gift-aiding your donation. Through Gift Aid RSA can reclaim tax relief from the government of 25p on every £1 you give as a UK tax payer, at no extra cost to you.

To be eligible, you must be a UK tax payer and pay an amount of UK income tax and/or capital gains tax at least equal to the tax that the RSA and any other charities and CASCs that you donate to reclaim on your subscriptions and donations in the tax year (currently 25p for every £1).



As a charity we rely on our donors, funders and Fellows to realise our vision.

Thanks to donors like you, we can continue to provide a creative education to thousands of children through our RSA Academies programme, conduct cutting edge research and on-the-ground projects driving real social change. Your donation means we can reach millions with our award winning public events and videos, which are available to everyone, everywhere, for free.

We can only function because of people like you, who believe in the power of ideas to transform society for the better. Thank you for your donation.

Matthew Taylor

Chief Executive, RSA

How your donation helps

How your donation helps

Your donation supports the RSA in many different ways. 

Whether it is fostering creativity in children and learners, supporting leading edge research, or reaching out to a global audience, your donation is crucial to our work.

Here you can see a handful of case studies on how we put your donation to work, supporting creativity, social progress and a fuller, more inquisitive life for all.


This annual global competition for design students seeks to empower a generation of savvy, employable designers who understand the potential of design to benefit society.

The Student Design Awards (SDAs) challenge students and recent graduates to think differently about design, by tackling design briefs focused on real-world problems such as how we might make healthy eating appealing to young people, or design ways for people and communities to celebrate heritage. Since 1924, the RSA SDAs have represented a growing voice for socially responsible design, with over 100,000 students now participating in the UK and beyond. 

Our awards provide an invaluable stepping stone for young designers who want to make their mark in the world. Our past winners include Richard Clarke (Vice President of Global Design for Nike) and Sir Jonathan Ive (Senior Vice President of Industrial Design at Apple).

Pupil Design Awards

We believe that design is about more than making beautiful things, and can be used to solve problems and improve our lives and the lives of others.

Inspired by the RSA’s Student Design Awards, in the spring and summer of 2014, we ran the first Pupil Design Awards across three of our RSA Academies in the West Midlands. This is the first time that young teenagers still at school could learn and apply these design skills to real world problems.

Previous winners of the RSA Student Design Awards, who are all now forging their own paths into the design world, mentored the Academies students through the judging process, which became a meaningful connection for both.

The Royal Designers for Industry - 'RDI's were set up by RSA in 1936 to honour designers of excellence and promote the important contribution of design in manufacturing and industry -took yet another opportunity to inspire a younger generation. Our RDIs got involved in the judging process and kindly donating prizes and experiences for the winners.

Pupil design award brief proposal

RSA Academies - supporting creative learning and development

We are interested in stimulating social innovation and have a long track record of work in the field of education.

For example, in 2008, we set up the RSA Academy in Tipton, a deprived area in West Midlands. Tipton is now part of a dynamic group of five schools all based in the same region; the growing Family of RSA Academies, now an independent charity with whom we have a long term partnership, to help raise standards as part of a broad curriculum that develops skills as well as knowledge.

RSA’s vision is that an excellent education is about more than passing a set of exams. The purpose of our Academies is to give young people a broad range of skills including creativity and leadership, as well as the knowledge, qualifications, and experiences they need to thrive in their continuing education and the world of work. We are building strong partnerships between the schools and with the RSA to improve teaching and learning, share and support innovation and connect teachers and learners to their communities beyond the school gate.

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