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Empowering the next generation

Empowering the next generation

We stimulate social innovation by promoting the best ideas. We support Fellows and others to turn their ideas into practical action and have a long track record of work in the field of education.
For example, in 2008, we set up the RSA Academy in Tipton, a deprived area in West Midlands. Tipton is now part of a dynamic group of five schools all based in the same region; the growing Family of RSA Academies. RSA Academies is now an independent charity with whom we have a long term partnership, to help raise standards as part of a broad curriculum that develops skills as well as knowledge.

RSA Academies - Supporting creative learning and development

We believe an excellent education is about more than just passing a set of exams.

Teachers, governors, parents and pupils all know this, and yet too often schools are still judged and ranked by an increasingly narrow set of exams. As school resources are squeezed, schools are likely to find it harder to prioritise those activities that are not seen as contributing to improving SATs scores in English and Maths, or improving attainment in the ‘Best 8’ subjects at GCSE.

The purpose of RSA Academies is to give young people the broad range of skills including creativity and leadership, knowledge, qualifications and experiences they need to thrive in their continuing education and the world of work. We believe that high quality arts provision is vital, alongside opportunities for practical learning and experience of social and commercial enterprise. This reflects the RSA’s historic focus on arts, manufactures and commerce.

Your gift helps secure a creative education for thousands of children

We work in partnership with the RSA Academies to improve teaching and learning, share and support innovation across the Family and connect teachers and young people to their communities. We aim to support and encourage teachers to be creative in their teaching. We take an experimental approach to ‘what might work’, as well as building on established practice and supporting teachers and schools to evaluate the impact of their own work.

Our direct work with schools is invaluable. It provides inspiration and insight into which areas of policy and practice need examining, as well as opportunities to test practical ideas. Working with the RSA gives schools a chance to participate in research, projects and networks that bring benefits to pupils and staff.

How to leave a gift in your will

We know that making a Will is a very personal decision and you will want to take care of your family and friends first. But if you would like to leave a gift to the RSA this can be as little as 1% of your estate and will make an important contribution to our continuing work which aims to ensure more people can fulfil their own potential.

If you would like to make or amend a Will, we recommend you see a solicitor.

How to leave a gift in your will

Amending your will

You can change your Will to include a donation to the RSA.

If you have already made a Will and would like to make a gift to the RSA in your Will you can do this by completing the Codicil below and signing it before two adult witnesses (not beneficiaries of the Will) who also then sign the Codicil. The Codicil should then be kept with your Will (not attached with pins or staples) in a safe place or with a trusted friend or solicitor. As a registered charity, making a gift in your Will is tax efficient as this gift is exempt from Inheritance Tax.

Thank you for your support – you will help ensure our work continues to make an impact for another 260 years and future generations benefit from our pioneering work.




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If you have remembered the RSA in your Will or would like to discuss leaving a gift in your Will to the RSA, please contact our Head of Partnerships and Business Development.




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