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RSA US Mentorship Program: Mentor information

Who can be a Mentor? 

A mentor is any RSA Fellow who wants to offer their knowledge, experience, resources, or connections to support another RSA Fellow’s needs and goals. The mentor role is a voluntary role, and the time commitment is meeting with your mentee for a minimum of seven hours over the course of three months. You can offer whatever you feel you are able to offer, and can be honest about what you are and are not able to give upfront. You do not need to be a coach or have previous mentoring experience, so long as you feel you can support your mentee with what they are looking for.

Previous mentors have found that they enjoy gaining exposure into new fields or lines of inquiry through the eyes of their mentee, and are refreshed by being able to share their expertise to benefit another person. 

Sign up to be a Mentor

To list yourself as a potential mentor, fill out a row in this spreadsheet database. Please complete each column with your information, to provide helpful context for a prospective mentee. You can delete your row at any time to unlist yourself from the database. If you have any questions or are experiencing difficulty using the spreadsheet, please email for assistance. 

Resources for Mentors

From previous Mentors:

“Mentorship is such an easy and manageable way for RSA Fellows to give back and share their experiences; the network is so filled with interesting intelligent people who are doing such important work in their fields!”

Mentor, Cohort 1

Through the conversations with my mentee, I was compelled to re-examine my own thought process around the advice I was giving her. I would need to do some reflection and link what I was offering back to my own career and life, successes, and failures, to provide more evidence to guide my advice. I really enjoyed it actually.

Mentor, Cohort 2

My relationship with my mentee has felt good and reciprocal; I’m aware that we’re both learning a lot, and there is a clear intersectional view that has been brought into the work we’re doing together.

Mentor, Cohort 4

Thank you to previous RSA Fellow mentors for your time and generosity!

Amer Baig

Angela Clarke

Ben Wyatt

Caroline Heldman

Christopher Rose

Dawn Kellogg

Deval Desai

Erin Liman

Firdaus Kharas

Gage Mitchell

Helene Seiler

Jason Syordiak

Jennifer Bright

Jenny Finn

Jon Denn

Mariana Amatullo

Maya Zuckerman

Missy Bird

Octavia Goredema 

Paul West

Susan Sheffield

Zvika Krieger

Become a Mentor

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