Sheba Remy Kharbanda - RSA

Sheba Remy Kharbanda


Sheba Remy Kharbanda FRSA is Program Development Specialist for RSA US.

Remy’s working life background is multifaceted, spanning human rights and grassroots Participatory Action Research, storytelling and oral history through video, audio and word, and a multidisciplinary public art practice that comes alive at the intersection of story, congregation and catharsis. She is also a consulting practitioner of several metaphysical arts and, like generations of her ancestors, an entrepreneur.

In addition to her role at RSA US, she fills her creative cup with The Love Is Storytelling Project, a meditative podcast series and audio installation on love as a force for social and personal change. She is also principal of Silver Mirror Productions, a boutique storytelling, production and project management business focused on blending creativity with leadership and he/art.

An adherent of spiritual ecology and Sikh dharma, she seeks to uplift the value and importance of tending to the unseen threads that keep the whole together.

Remy loves exploring: cities, gardens, waterways and mindsets. Born in London to Sikh refugees from the Land of Five Rivers, she is presently based in Brooklyn NY, unceded land of the Lenape (Lenapehoking), where she most enjoys connecting with the randomness of her adopted hometown.

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