• Latest report: Breaking the Mould

    Our new report examines the growth of online craft marketplaces, and considers what their popularity might tell us about the future of business more broadly.

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  • 8 new RSA Student Design Awards briefs

    The new RSA Student Design Awards briefs are now live! Each brief is focused around a different real-world social, environmental or economic issue, and for the first in recent history, we have an animation brief called 'Moving Pictures'.

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  • Latest RSA Journal out now

    The summer 2014 issue of the RSA Journal looks at a wide range of subjects including: creativity, innovation, change, business, learning, visualisation and society.

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  • Channelling talent

    Our latest research on 'Channelling Talent' reveals the role of social networks in recognising and rewarding talent in the music industry. We have launched our findings with a great short film to complement our report.

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  • Boosting the living standards of the self-employed

    The RSA and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation have launched a new project exploring how to improve the living standards of people who work for themselves.

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  • RSA Shorts - Anyone Can Change the World

    What if you really could change the world? In this empowering RSA Short Jody Williams, Nobel Peace Prize winner, explains why it is so important that we strive to make a difference.

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  • RSA Fellows deliver capacity, commitment and innovation to communities from the global to the local.

    About the Fellowship

    A global network of individuals from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines who deliver capacity, commitment and innovation to communities globally to the locally. Our Catalyst fund supports Fellow-led ideas that aim to have a tangible and positive social impact.

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  • About the RSA

    About the RSA

    The RSA: meeting 21st century challenges by showcasing ideas, undertaking innovative research and building civic capacity around the world.

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RSA Action and Research Centre puts enlightened thinking to work in practical ways

The Guardian - Designers shadow staff in London waste sites to inform sustainable design

Four-day residency in recycling and reuse centres helped designers understand their role in creating a circular economy...

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Politics is led by an uncreative class. We need to unite those who deliver change with imagination.

Adam Lent says: Let's turn party conference season into a time for the creative people who want to generate real change without help from the politicians...

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A Brief History of Humankind

Historian Yuval Noah Harari was awarded the Polonsky Prize for Creativity in the Humanistic Disciplines. His magnum opus 'Sapiens' challenges everything we know about being human – our thoughts, our actions, our power, and our future.



How We Are: Negotiating Change in Daily Life

Health psychologist Vincent Deary shows how much of our lives are lived automatically, according to beaten paths. How can we avoid becoming ‘habit machines’, and overcome our resistance to change, making our acts truly ours?

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