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The RSA Animate series was conceived as an innovative, accessible and unique way of illustrating and sharing the world-changing ideas from the RSA's free public events programme. With millions of views and thousands of comments, fans and subscribers, RSA Animates have revolutionised the field of knowledge visualisation whilst spreading the most important ideas of our time.

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Re-Imagining Work

RSA Animate - Re-Imagining Work

25 Sep 2013
Dave Coplin imagines what might be possible if more organisations embraced the empowering potential of technology and encouraged a truly open working culture

RSA Animate - The Power of Outrospection

03 Dec 2012
Introspection is out, and outrospection is in. Philosopher and author Roman Krznaric explains how we can help drive social change by stepping outside ourselves.

Animate - The truth about dishonesty

RSA Animate - The Truth About Dishonesty

14 Sep 2012
In this RSA Animate, Dan Ariely explores the circumstances under which someone would lie and what effect deception has on society at large.

RSA Animate - The Power of Networks

RSA Animate - The Power of Networks

22 May 2012
In this RSA Animate, Manuel Lima explores the power of network visualisation to navigate our complex modern world.

Animate - Divided Brain

RSA Animate - The Divided Brain

24 Oct 2011
Renowned psychiatrist and writer Iain McGilchrist explains how our 'divided brain' has profoundly altered human behaviour, culture and society.

Renata Selecl

RSA Animate - Choice

30 Jun 2011
Professor Renata Salecl explores the paralysing anxiety and dissatisfaction surrounding limitless choice. Does the freedom to be the architects of our own lives actually hinder rather than help us?

Bringing discourse to life

RSA Animate - The Internet in Society

22 Mar 2011
Does the internet actually inhibit, not encourage democracy? Evgeny Morozov presents an alternative take on 'cyber-utopianism' - the seductive idea that the internet plays a largely emancipatory role in global politics.

Animate - Language as a Window into Human Nature

RSA Animate - Language as a Window into Human Nature

17 Feb 2011
Steven Pinker shows us how the mind turns the finite building blocks of language into infinite meanings.

RSA Animate - Changing Paradigms

RSA Animate - Changing Paradigms

14 Oct 2010
RSA Animate taken from a speech given at the RSA by Sir Ken Robinson, world-renowned education expert and recipient of the RSA Benjamin Franklin award.

21st century enlightenment

RSA Animate - 21st Century Enlightenment

08 Sep 2010
Matthew Taylor explores the meaning of 21st century enlightenment, how the idea might help us meet the challenges we face today.

First as Tragedy, then as Farce

RSA Animate - First as Tragedy, Then as Farce

04 Aug 2010
In this short RSA Animate, renowned philosopher Slavoj Zizek investigates the surprising ethical implications of charitable giving.

Crises of Capitalism

RSA Animate - Crisis of Capitalism

28 Jun 2010
Marxist geographer David Harvey asks if it is time to look beyond capitalism, towards a new social order that would allow us to live within a responsible, just and humane system.

Secret Powers of Time

RSA Animate - The Secret Powers of Time

24 May 2010
In this ten-minute RSA Animate, Professor Philip Zimbardo reveals how our individual perspective on time affects our work, health and well-being.

The Empathic Civilisation

RSA Animate - The Empathic Civilisation

10 May 2010
In this lively animation, Jeremy Rifkin investigates the evolution of empathy and the profound ways that it has shaped our development and our society.

Animate - Drive

RSA Animate - Drive

01 Apr 2010
This lively RSA Animate, adapted from Dan Pink's talk at the RSA, illustrates the hidden truths behind what really motivates us at home and in the workplace.

RSA Animate - Smile or Die

RSA Animate - Smile or Die

17 Mar 2010
Acclaimed journalist, author and political activist Barbara Ehrenreich explores the darker side of positive thinking.

RSA Animate - Superfreakonomics

RSA Animate - Superfreakonomics

02 Feb 2010
Are we really as altruistic as we might like to think? In the RSA's new animation series, we put into pictures Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner's case for re-evaluating the evidence.

RSA Animate - The Economic Consequences of Mr Brown

RSA Animate - The Economic Consequences of Mr Brown

21 Dec 2009
In the first of the RSA's new animation series Stein Ringen, gives his assessment of the New Labour government and the state of the British constitution.

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