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Our Work

Through engaging citizens, conducting research and convening local leadership, the Commission is setting out radical and practical proposals to transform our food and farming system for the benefit of people and planet.

Our work sets out actions for everyone. We are convening different kinds of conversations, bringing together citizens, producers, policy makers, businesses and academics from different sectors and with diverse perspectives.

The actions we take in the next ten years, to stop ecosystems collapse, to recover and regenerate nature and to restore people’s health and wellbeing are now critical.

We are working together to find common purpose and create new possibilities for action. While time is running out, as we’ve heard and seen across the UK during our inquiry, we already have many of the tools needed to act.

Field Guide for the Future

The accompaniment to Our Future in the Land. This is a practical guide from the Commission's inquiries, case studies of good practice and stories of change – the future, happening now.