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As the UK embarks upon the process of exiting the EU, it’s become essential to think afresh about where our food comes from, how we support farming and rural communities, and how we invest in the many benefits the countryside provides.  What direction should domestic policy take us?  How can we assure public health and protect natural assets through the disruption? How can government, business and society cooperate to support our diverse farming sector, while revitalising rural communities? 

This Commission will convene different kinds of conversations, with the power to create new possibilities for action, and mindful of the significance of the challenges ahead.  Bringing together citizens, producers, businesses and academics from different sectors and with diverse perspectives, we’ll work together to find common purpose, to identify practical and radical solutions, and make policy proposals which can deliver what the nation needs from food, farming and the countryside. 

Most importantly, we urgently need to ask ourselves: what kind of country do we want to be, and what do we, as citizens, really want from our food, farming and countryside?

Sue Pritchard

Director, The RSA Food, Farming and Countryside Commission

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