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Jacqui McKinlay

Jacqui McKinlay

Executive director, Centre for Public Scrutiny

Jacqui McKinlay is the executive director of the Centre for Public Scrutiny, an independent charity and the leading, national body promoting better public scrutiny and accountability across the public sector.

Jacqui joined CfPS in May 2015, prior to that she was Director of Strategy and Customer Services at Staffordshire County Council. Staffordshire is one of the largest local authorities in England and recognised nationally as leading the way in public sector reform, commissioning and community leadership. Working with the Cabinet Office, Jacqui also supported the development of the sector-wide Commissioning Academy and Framework.

Jacqui is a communications professional by trade working at Board level for fifteen years. Her experience spans central government, local government, non-departmental public bodies and a range of sectors including health and sport. 

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