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Economic insecurity: the case for a 21st century safety net

Economic insecurity: the case for a 21st century safety net

There is growing evidence that British workers are economically insecure. From rising relative poverty, stagnant wages and rampant regional inequality, the signals of insecurity are clear. But what statistical debates sometimes miss is the lived experience that comes from existing at the sharp end of these trends.

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Fabian Wallace-Stephens

Researcher, Economy, Enterprise and Manufacturing

This paper aims to deepen understanding of how economic insecurity is experienced by workers, including those in non-standard employment arrangements such as zero-hours contracts.

Women and the future of work


20th August 2019

An article by: Sarah Darrall

From AI to machine learning, algorithm to automation, dizzying advancements of technology are changing the nature of the workplace. Sarah Darrall asks what this means for women.

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