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The Cultural Learning Evidence Champion’s Handbook

The Cultural Learning Evidence Champion’s Handbook

“We believe that the arts are valuable in-and-of themselves, and we’re not starting from zero as there’s lots of evidence about what can make a difference. But even if we know something can work, making sure it works anywhere requires us to keep a close eye on what we’re doing. Our guide is aimed at helping people at all levels – from beginners to professionals – take the next steps on the journey to becoming Evidence Champions.”

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Mark Londesborough

Associate Director, Creative Learning and Development

Using evidence of how others have made a difference and evaluating our own impact can help the whole sector improve, making arts and cultural learning stronger and more sustainable. The trouble is that it is hard and no one ever tells you what you need to be good at to be good at using evidence. This handbook is designed to make it easier to ‘do’ evidence and evaluation.

Rawthmells Coffeehouse


14th February 2019

Rawthmells is the RSA's enlightenment coffeehouse. It has been designed to foster the creative thinking and collaborative action needed to address the challenges of the 21st century.

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