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Winners Take All | Anand Giridharadas

Winners Take All | Anand Giridharadas

"In this powerful short film, Anand Giridharadas urges us to be sceptical of “win-win” approaches to social change that favour the interests of the global elite and do little to tackle the root causes of systemic injustice and inequality."

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Mairi Ryan

Joint Head of Public Events Programme

In the new RSA Minimate, TIME magazine’s editor-at-large Anand Giridharadas argues that while the winners of our age might be well meaning in their desire to give back, too many stop short at the kinds of real change that would see power more radically distributed.

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How to Burst the Reality Bubble


Thursday 6th February 2020 at 13:00

Great Room Auditorium, RSA House

Science writer Ziya Tong explores the blind spots and illusions that warp our sense of reality, and lays out a new way of understanding the world that can equip us to face our biggest challenges.

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