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Universal Credit – enough is enough

Universal Credit – enough is enough

The devastating review of Universal Credit by the National Audit Office is the third report in little over a fortnight to lay waste to the Government’s claims about the success of its welfare policies.

RSA pick of the week

Anthony Painter

Director of the RSA Action and Research Centre

Taken together this package of welfare reform has left a system that is cruel, punishing, bureaucratic, authoritarian, ineffective, undermining of good work, and of caring, personal development, family harmony, and public health – most particularly mental health. This system is a national scandal; it must be stopped not just patched up and as soon as possible.

Why the Windrush Legacy must be remembered


17th June 2018

An article by: Adanna Shallowe

During this entire week, cities all over the UK will be celebrating the 70th anniversary of the arrival of Empire Windrush. Adanna Shallowe, Senior Manager - RSA Global offers her personal reflections on this and the Windrush ...

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