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Refugee narratives must shift from dependency to opportunity

Refugee narratives must shift from dependency to opportunity

"After basic needs of food, shelter and healthcare, education is paramount. Education will allow refugee communities to progress and develop, and will begin to sow seeds of hope for the future. Our report focusses on Athens as a case study, a focal point for dealing with large numbers of refugees, where a city-wide approach is helping to support and implement refugee education in unstable conditions."

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Selina Nwulu

Researcher, Creative Learning and Development

The displacement of people is a defining issue of this century. Our new report reviews the current nature of global displacement and reflects on some of the key debates in this area.

Only citizens can say what Brexit means


19th June 2017

An article by: Tony Greenham

As support grows for a cross-party approach to Brexit, we make the case for the formation of a Brexit Citizens’ Assembly to directly gather the views of those who matter – the people.

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