Pride Month 2024

Join us as we shine a light on our Fellows and their amazing work in the LGBTQ+ community


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We are the royal society for arts, manufactures and commerce - a global network of changemakers enabling people, places and the planet to flourish in harmony




AY Young

Fellow profile

CEO and Battery Tour flagship artist AY has powered global performances with 100% renewable energy, impacting communities in need with his regenerative live music. Find out how his relationship with the RSA has benefitted his work.

ReGeneration Rising


Listen to the latest episode of our regeneration podcast and hear why it's important to engage with, recognise and respect Indigenous wisdom traditions as we seek to reinhabit our world regeneratively.

Social connections


This intervention will convene and support practitioners, places and policymakers in the pursuit of growing social connections supporting mobility and wellbeing through four different areas of work.

Pride and prejudice


Layla McCay

Earth Day: why it needs to be every day


Phillip Ward

Why social connectivity matters


Andy Haldane


Discover Circle

Bringing Fellows together in collaboration on their innovations and our mission.

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  • What AI means for education

    Public talks

    RSA House and Online

    Can the power of AI be harnessed to create a more personalised and accessible education system? The trailblazing founder of Khan Academy, Salman Khan, offers a new roadmap to prepare students for an increasingly digital future.

  • Euros 2024: summer of sport

    At the House / Summer of sport 2024

    RSA House

    Join us for 2024's spectacular summer of sport as we broadcast the Euros, Olympics and Wimbledon live from our iconic venue in the heart of London for free.

  • Central Fellows online catch-up

    Fellowship events


    Join us for an informal catch-up with Fellows across the Central Region.

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