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Pathways towards economic security and Universal Basic Income

Pathways towards economic security and Universal Basic Income

"The Universal Basic Opportunity Fund could be the first step towards a new model of social security which puts faith in people to make decisions pertaining to the aspirations that they have for their lives. It represents an investment in human potential; measured not just in GDP or productivity growth but in security, opportunity, creativity, fulfilment and wellbeing also."

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Anthony Painter

Director, RSA Action and Research Centre

Our new report offers a practical means of advancing the UK towards a Universal Basic Income system. The Universal Basic Opportunity Fund represents a stepping stone – to be enacted now – towards a better way of enabling citizens to live meaningful and contributory lives.

A false sense of (in)security


12th February 2018

An article by: Jack Robson

Income levels, debt, wealth and other static or individual measurements might tell us part of a story about someone’s life but they are insufficient to fully understand whether someone is economically insecure.

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