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Do you believe in a resilient, rebalanced, and regenerative world where everyone can fulfil their potential?

Join our unique global network of over 31,000 changemakers. As a Fellow, you will expand your community, be inspired by new ideas and have access to innovative future-focused research.

For over 270 years, we’ve led social impact initiatives including initiating the Great Exhibition of 1851, projects to abolish child labour and conversations on universal basic income.

Together, we are committed to regenerating our world through collective action.

Apply to be a Fellow

Complete your application online and tell us why you wish to become a Fellow. Fellows pay an annual charitable subscription of £208 and a one-off £75 registration fee.

Why should I become a Fellow?

Our Fellows are...



  • Connect, converse, and collaborate with like-minded peers through local, global or thematic networks in person and online.
  • Explore RSA House in London, a space designed to foster creative thinking and collaborative action. Bookable tours are available.
  • Engage and share with others and gain support for your own social change ideas.


  • Support, engage, and contribute to our Design for Life mission.
  • Working together to build confidence and skills, and to ideate positive contributions to the places we live and regenerate the planet we share.

Being an RSA Fellow is incredibly invigorating as someone who values thoughtful, spirited debate - especially with a community of fellow changemakers during a highly polarised time. The RSA has a strong legacy of critical yet compassionate thinkers, and I'm proud to follow in their footsteps.

RSA Fellow

Want to join our community of Fellows?

Book a one-on-one call with our team to discover the benefits of Fellowship, ask any questions, and get started with your application.

Meet our Fellows

Jan is a Fellow and award-winning independent filmmaker working in the creative sector as part of the UK Film Industry as a screenwriter, director and producer.

"One big change I would like to see, at least in my industry, to create a much fairer future would be for more women to be taken seriously as major players behind the camera."

Bilkis is a Fellow and social entrepreneur, working to empower young people in their limitless choices and to embrace their individuality.

“It's vital to be a part of a community that is driven to eliminating systemic inequalities. I love being a part of a community that is passionate about creating positive change.”

Richard is a Fellow who designs and implements community engagement strategies.

He has found that the two values that unite RSA Fellows are a desire not to accept the status quo, and to engage more effectively with the challenges they face.

Apply online now

Start the application process by registering online via our online application portal.

Why should I become a Fellow?

You want to connect with a diverse community of changemakers

We are an inclusive global community and value all who are committed to positively impacting society, no matter your professional experience, background, or perceived level of success. Fellows are at the heart of the RSA. Connect, converse, collaborate and learn from a growing community, develop your ideas, and expand your professional network.

You want to access innovative research and thought leadership

The RSA unearths patterns and unlocks insights to enable and empower change. The RSA Living Change Approach is how we think about complex challenges and how we go about solving them.

You want to develop solutions to social challenges

You can engage and partner with innovative research and design work undertaken through our core projects, share insights, perspectives and practices which advance our collective understanding and impact Contribute to thought-provoking debate, peer-support Fellows with their ideas and projects, and access opportunities to develop solutions to local and global social challenges.

Our criteria

The RSA is a values-based organisation. We are open, optimistic, courageous, enabling and rigorous. We welcome all those aligned with these values, who share and support our vision of a better future; where world-leading ideas are turned into world-changing actions.

We have always been a home for those committed to positive social change regardless of background, qualifications, or level of perceived success.

To become a Fellow, you must:

  • Be over 18
  • Support our vision and share our values
  • Share our commitment to social change

As a social change organisation, we believe in a world that is resilient, rebalanced and regenerative, where everyone can fulfil their potential. Read our diversity, equity and inclusion statement.

We have a moral and legal obligation to create safe physical and online spaces for children, young people and vulnerable adults who engage with the RSA. Read our safeguarding statement.

If you are committed to regenerating our world through collective action, we invite you to join our unique global network of changemakers to make this a reality.

The application process

We encourage you to apply and our team is here to make it as easy as possible for you. All potential Fellows complete a short online application.

Becoming a Fellow is a simple process. You may be contacted by us directly to apply, but many people join by starting an online application form themselves.

The application takes less than 15 minutes to complete and is reviewed by our admissions panel. All Fellows make an annual charitable subscription of £208. There's also a one-off registration fee of £75, which helps cover the set up and onboarding of your Fellowship. Flexible payment options are also available.

You do not need to be invited and can begin your application today.

While this is an overview, more detailed information about the application process is available on the Information about Applying page.

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What is RSA Fellowship?

Find out more about our unique global network of changemakers enabling people, places and the planet to flourish.

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Fellowship FAQs

Frequently asked questions about applying for RSA Fellowship.