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Upcoming RSA public talks

  • Stories from a hotter world

    Public talks

    RSA House and Online

    Join John Vaillant at the RSA, in conversation with award-winning science journalist Gaia Vince, for an urgent exploration of our new century of fire.

  • How to accelerate the transition to Net Zero

    Public talks


    Can Wales get to net zero by 2035? Jane Davidson, chair of the Wales Net Zero 2035 Challenge Group, reports on progress towards a just and nature-positive transition.

  • Portraits of conflict and courage

    Public talks

    RSA House and Online

    Award-winning artist and reportage illustrator George Butler introduces a collection of vivid and moving testimonies from the conflict in Ukraine, revealing the humanity behind the headlines, and the power of pen and ink in a digital age.

  • Breaking the Rainbow Ceiling

    Public talks

    RSA House and Online

    What is holding LGBTQ+ people back at work – and what can be done? Layla McCay takes a compelling look at the challenges facing LGBTQ+ professionals and offers advice from senior figures who have smashed through the rainbow ceiling.

  • Making sense of chaos - shaping economics for a better world

    Public talks

    RSA House and Online

    Influential scientist and entrepreneur J. Doyne Farmer shows how a more complex understanding of the economy can help us develop ideas for a fairer and more regenerative world.

  • What AI means for education

    Public talks

    RSA House and Online

    Can the power of AI be harnessed to create a more personalised and accessible education system? The trailblazing founder of Khan Academy, Salman Khan, offers a new roadmap to prepare students for an increasingly digital future.

Watch our recent events on demand

  • Growth: a reckoning

    Public talks

    RSA House and Online

    Bestselling economist Daniel Susskind looks afresh at the past, present and future of economic growth - what really drives it and how we might better direct it to what we truly value.

  • From the era of anxiety to the age of aspiration

    Public talks


    In his 2024 RSA Chief Executive’s Lecture, Andy Haldane asks: how do we break out of the doom loop, and set ourselves braver and bolder social change ambitions?

  • Will Gen Z reject or remake capitalism?

    Public talks

    RSA House and Online

    We are approaching the biggest wealth transfer in history. Investor Ken Costa and entrepreneurs Timi Merriman-Johnson and Rachel Drapper assess the impact on our economy and society as power and influence shifts from ‘Boomers’ to ‘Zennials’.

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Fellowship events

  • RSA Bristol meetup

    Fellowship events

    Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, University of Bristol BS8 1LN

    An RSA Bristol meetup at the University of Bristol’s Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, featuring lighting talks on different topics and an update about Bristol’s involvement in the RSA’s Student Design Awards.

  • Exhibition: Creativity Offers Us A New Formula For Life 2.0

    Fellowship events

    In Person May 22- June 14 & Online May 22- August 31, 2024

    Featuring contributors from around the globe, experience the Augmented Society Network’s 2024 'Creativity Offers Us A New Formula For Life' exhibition.

  • Design for Life: Social connections

    Fellowship events / Design for Life series

    The Coffee House (RSA House) and Online via Zoom

    Ollie Burrows, Interim Director of Research and Learning, will share how US research is showing the economic benefits of cross class connections, and how we are replicating this in the UK to surface new approaches to social mobility grounded in community needs.

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