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Corporate Governance for Sustainability Update

Group Aims and Outcome: A model for the incorporation of sustainable practices into the core of business strategy

Contact: Robin Dickinson

Progress: We’ve launched a brand new subgroup of the RSA Sustainability Network that deals with corporate conduct on the way to a more sustainable future. As we're all aware, businesses play a huge part in developing change towards a fairer and more environmentally friendly economy. And there are numerous reports, research papers, and consultations about the issue that short-term thinking, focussed on financial profit, is still in the way of sustainable long-term goals.

Running a business, let alone a global corporation, is a complex task. But the current system doesn’t only allow but promotes short-term profits and the regulatory basis gives it a lot of leeway to do so. So a good analysis of the interactions of all the tiny wheels in the big corporate machinery is fundamental to finding where a spanner could be thrown into the works to start steering it into a different direction. There are vast resources for this and we’re certainly not the first ones with this thought. However, what becomes obvious is a lack of practical models to actually implement the good intentions. A useful way to throw the spanner, so to say.

Group Focus: To develop a relevant, effective model of corporate governance structure that puts ESG factors (or the 'triple bottom line') into its heart. While still being an efficient income source for shareholders, to distinguish it from a purely social enterprise.

It’s crucial to build such a model with the input of participants from diverse backgrounds - to bundle the knowledge and ‘real world’ insights from practitioners, investors, board members, consultants, legal specialists, advisers, analysts and innovative thinkers.

That’s why we need you! Whatever your background or experience, if you have an interest in the subject and a creative mind-set, please get involved.

Unfortunately due to circumstances Lea is unable to maintain a leadership role with this sub group and is currently arranging a transition, in the interim if you would like to join this sub group please contact Robin Dickinson