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Creativity & Sustainability Group Update

Group Aims: Seek out a range of creative examples across the world with the aim to co-create hope, increased wellbeing and sense of pride.

Date: 20th November 2017


  • I have met with Eve Watson, RSA Archivist about the Arts & Ecology 2005 - 2010 archive. I wanted to delve into this as it is important to me that we review what has gone before at the RSA within creativity and sustainability to take forward learnings and successes. It's very clear as a group we could support raising new funds to get the whole archive digitized and collated for use in a range of exciting ways. 

  • We have been fielding a range of email, telephone and a face to face meet up early in September 2017.

  • We were 3 strong at the meeting with others thwarted in joining due to public transport issues. Nevertheless, the conversation was connecting, creative and the following main threads and ideas have come up. What is listed below is merely a very distilled summary of this 2 hour meeting, nothing is fixed so do please see this as a starting point.

Vision: To focus on hope, using creativity as the baseline to "communicate" the creative and the beautiful. 


  • Re-enliven and share globally the Arts & Ecology 2005-2010 archive through digitising all archive materials - seek out RSA funds / HLF funds 

  • Within this sub group, seek out examples of what we are each doing or know of - this could be via a list we can then publish or a blog.

  • Develop an initial 1-2 days way of showcasing these examples i.e. a pilot festival or unconference.

  • Review progress before deciding next steps forward.

Contact: Anna B Sexton