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Circular Manufacturing sub-group

Circular Economy Commercial Comparison Update

Group Aim: Research and analysis

Date: 20th November 2017

Progress: Ever wondered whether circular economy business models are really worthwhile? Will businesses operating circular models be a more attractive investment to funders? Those are the questions this sub-group is answering.

Plans are in place and initial positive engagement with key stakeholders has commenced, including an investment organisation and a provider of circular lease services. We’re in the process of defining “linear” and “circular” businesses for comparison.

We now need some volunteers to help with research and analysis to help determine whether circular businesses are more attractive to investors than linear businesses.

We will also need people who can help us prepare for communication of outputs once the work is complete, although this resource is less urgent. We’re aware that this project is out of scope for core RSA activity, so we need to resource the project from volunteer effort alone.

Contact: I’m happy to send through a more detailed project scope to interested people so they can find out more and ask questions. Please contact Gerrard Fisher on [email protected]

Sustainable Manufacturing Update

Date: 25th November 2017

Group Aim 1: RSA Medal
Progress: Discussions are taking place with various RSA internal departments to ascertain the interest in such an award and the procedures that will be required for this proposal to move forward.

Group Aim 2: Quality Product
The purpose of this project is to identify quality designed products that would gain from the support and expertise of the RSA network to achieve a market presence and to work with the organisations behind the products in their route to market.  All the Innovate UK-funded projects over the last 6 years have been reviewed and a short list of potential projects are being identified to be approached with a view to finding one or two where there is an appetite for co-operation and potential for success.  

Group Aim 3: Quality Mark
The concept of this project was to work with standard setters and appropriate partners to encourage and support the development of recognised and accepted standards for circular economy manufactured products. This objective has been partially met with the publication of BS 8001 by BSI.  We are now liaising directly with BSI on the development of circularity indicators which will underpin both the Quality Products and RSA Medal projects.

Group Aim 4: Infrastructure
Not started yet as this is a Phase II project.