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If you like the look of our work and want to get involved there are a variety of ways to do so.

You can either support us by joining the conversation and taking part in our challenges, or explore what the economy means to you by using our DIY Economics toolkit. We will also be launching a Hitchhikers Guide to the Economy in the not too distant future!

We also have a few tools which you can use to enhance our own knowledge of the economy or explore what the it means with groups you are involved with.


Feed into the Challenges

We launched a crowdsourcing platform (powered by Wazoku) to ask the public what ideas they had for tackling some of the most critical challenges in our economy.

Our first challenge asked people across the country what they think could be done to get us a fairer deal on the things we buy.

Our second challenge asked people how institutions can better engage the public in decisions about the economy?

Our third challenge asked people how we can make today's economy work for tomorrow.

Submission for our crowdsourcing challenges have now closed. Watch this space as results will be published in our final Citizens' Economic Council report in March 2018.

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To help spread the word simply click on our social media links below, share our message on Facebook and Twitter, and together we can help create a new, inclusive economics for all.

The way the economy is run affects everyone in society - whether we like it or not!

The RSA's Citizens' Economic Council aims to show that we can all have a role in understanding how our economy works, and we can all have a voice in ensuring it works for the many, not the few. Find out more.

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The way we run our economy affects us all - our new Citizens' Economic Council aims to show that everyone should have a voice

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Use our toolkit

In partnership with Economy, we have published a toolkit promoting economics for everyone.

‘Discovering the economy around you’ supports citizens to identify features of their lives within the economy, to understand more about economics and economic language, as well as to take action and to empower themselves to change the economy. 

Download our toolkit and start using it in a classroom, with a group of friends, at a family gathering, over a coffee or at a pub session – anywhere you like!

Please complete the form below to download 'Discovering the economy around you':

We will soon be publishing a Hitchhikers Guide to the Economy - stay tuned for further information!


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