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Over the next 12 months, in partnership with Professor Bill Lucas and Dr Ellen Spencer of the University of Winchester’s Centre for Real-World Learning whose model of creativity is attracting international interest, the RSA will explore:

1. Current perceptions of the likelihood of adolescents to make a positive, creative contribution to their local communities both by adolescents themselves and by the adult population.

2. How confidence to express and apply creativity (creative self-efficacy) develops during adolescence.

3. Whether young people with high levels of confidence to express and apply their creativity are more likely to engage in creating positive change in their communities.

4. How likelihood to engage in activities for the benefit of their communities might be impacted by other factors including availability of opportunities, high levels of empathy, faith of sense of civic duty and self-interest (e.g. participating to strengthen a CV).

5. What policies or practical interventions could be recommended to support adolescents to develop their ‘creative self-efficacy’ for the benefit of local communities.


We are grateful to the Templeton Religion Trust for their support to deliver this programme of research.