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Joel Baraka came up with the idea and the first game prototype was made in 2015 and trialed in the summer of 2016.  He began working with his mentor Sue Fairburn soon after and friends, students, and the teachers who use the game have all been central to its development.

To build on the game’s success, Joel plans to carry out a 2-day workshop in the summer of 2019 during which he will train at least 50 new teachers. This will help them gain an understanding of the benefits of using the game in school and expand the reach of 5 STA-Z across schools. 

The project’s biggest needs are:

  • A network of passionate individuals in the fields of game design and curriculum development to push the game further.

  • Website developers to help showcase the project’s work and extend its’ reach.

  • Funding of £3,000 to scale up board production and distribution (+100 more boards) and to run the 2-day teacher training in the summer of 2019.

5 STA-Z's facebook page has more information. We hope you’ll get in touch if you have questions or if you wish to get involved.