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Avoiding a twin-track society

Technology is advancing at an ever increasing pace. We are living in a digital age where everyone can be connected to everyone else 24/7 and where the knowledge of the world is at your fingertips instantly. This is bringing huge benefits and opportunities, but these benefits and opportunities are not evenly distributed.

There is a digital divide in society and as new technologies are developed there is a danger they contribute to widening this divide; creating a twin-track society. Those familiar with new technologies reap the benefits while those who can’t access are left behind.

This community technology pilot is an attempt to set up a model in which to involve citizens and communities, along with businesses, researchers and public services in the development of new technologies; focusing initially on a new wave of technologies called the ‘Internet of Things’.

The Team

Luke Loveridge FRSA is the project lead and is a resident in the Roath neighbourhood in Cardiff. Luke has extensive experience in project management (working on the Olympics in London to multi £m innovation projects in Bristol). In 2013, Luke was awarded a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Traveling Fellowship and met a number of key leaders in the civic and city innovation field in the US in 2014; this trip very much planted the seeds for this project and also led him to his current role as a project and programme management in City Innovation at Bristol City Council. For more details, please refer to this LinkedIn page: