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Meet the Startups

Through two accelerators, Dotforge Impact have supported 24 diverse startups from across Europe addressing health, education, wellbeing, energy, equal opportunity and social issues.

Spring 2015 Impact Accelerator

The first accelerator, based in Sheffield ran between January - May, supporting:

OpenCinema – dedicated to fostering a more innovative use of cinema as a tool for community engagement.

PiP Payments providing a payment solution for online shopping, enabling offline, cash purchases.

Care Selector - enabling individuals and families seeking care to find providers that meet their individual needs.

StrokeCare - an app for tablets and mobile phones to help families with a member who has suffered a stroke. The main goal is to use the technology to diminish the troubles and associated costs for the people suffering a stroke.

Chummunity - Online community connecting freelance writers with people who have a story to tell.

LearnerLane – a service to help students reach their academic goals by using technology to connect them with suitable tutors.

CoverVideo - flexible video recruitment tool designed to modernise the recruitment industry. Their goal is to make the hiring process as fast and easy as possible without compromising the quality of the outcome.

Polen – social marketing for e-commerce; by uniting online donations and shopping, the project aims to create a closer relationship between consumers and shops.

Deliverd - Order and delivery of a balanced meal prepared by local, independently owned businesses. Technology provides an easy, convenient and cost effective way to enhance and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Mobile Power - aims to provide a clean, affordable and sustainable source of electricity to the off-grid market in the developing world through renting portable battery packs.

onShowcase - created to help schools communicate with families, replacing the use of time-consuming and difficult to maintain school blogs.

PepVend - shaking up the traditional market place of coffee and vending with ethically sourced products.

Winter 2015 Impact Accelerator

The second accelerator, based in Manchester between September - December, supporting:

Ample - empowering people to control their budget.

Barefoot Lightning - making farming more sustainable.

Cathartic - an anonymous platform where anyone can share their burden.

Donate Technologies - helping donors meet the real life needs of charities through a fully integrated app.

FarmFicciency - an SMS powered marketplace, for smallholder farmers in developing countries.

Kaini Industries - rewards and incentivises positive social action in local communities.

Kuorum - connecting civilians with politicians.

Limitless Travel - breaking down barriers to travel and empowering people with disabilities.

Litmus - an AI based maths tutor that makes learning maths easy.

School of Code - using methods of collaborative learning to meet the skills gap in today's tech workforce.

Street Support - making it easier to help homesless people.

Textocracy - an anonymous SMS service that gives real time feedback to both the public and private sector.