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eScent® works in response to detected conditions, such as insomnia, stress or anxiety disorders, merging clinical aromatherapy with sensors to create data-driven solutions for preventative healthcare and wellbeing. The 'trigger' can be biometric, smart-phone settings, manual etc and a non-invasive 'scent bubble' around the face gives an area of constant, detectable scent for the user.

An example might be a diagnostic timing app pre-programmed by a clinician to monitor an individual with suspected Huntington's, Parkinson's or Alzheimer's disease and potentially help diagnose the early stages; loss of smell is an early preclinical feature to predict the onset of such diseases.

The first of the two animations below introduces the concept in clothing.

eScent® is now at the product development stage with a working prototype demonstrated, although not yet integrated into a marketable product.  Seed funds are required to miniaturize the dispense technology, complete design and build the management team.

There is extensive positive feedback from prospective customers, large household corporates (sleep, mood, pain management, dementia care) and numerous high-level medics and psychiatrists in the USA.

Watch the promo film, A New Dimension, which specifically addresses safety, legislation and other benefits of the technology.

How it works

eScent® is a wearable, emotionally intelligent aromatherapy dispenser that fuses the ancient art and science of using oils extracted from aromatic plants and herbs with 21st century machines. It relies on an artificial intelligence system, coupled with a micro-scent engine to create a localised scent bubble' whereby the link of mood/feeling/perception triggers a unique fragrance boost. It works out which aroma the user should smell to relieve a medical condition or enhance wellbeing, for example, listening to what the user says and their tone of voice or measuring stress levels or changes noted in a 'mood' diary, facial expression or skin response, and correlates this information with valuable intelligence found in their emotional body odour signature

Then, depending on the context, situation, location or time of day/night, eScent® makes intelligent fragrance choices, reacting to, for example, a change in mood, irratic sleep patterns, or how the user feels first thing in the morning, or late at night, or before they enter an interview, speak in public, workout at the gym, or go on a date, etc.

Finally, eScent®​ LEARNS To PLAY  the appropriate fragrance(s) accordingly from a palette of personalised and portable aromas, for example, when when a pre-set stress threshold is exceeded.