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Deciding to go to university is a big decision, and often it is one of the biggest financial commitments in a person's life. Yet, with so many students wishing they'd done more research beforehand, there is clearly an opportunity to support young people to make better and more informed choices about the future.  

Go Enrol does this primarily through its website which is free to use. It provides information on over 35,000 UK university and college courses, along with advanced tools for short-listing and managing the process.



With their RSA Catalyst Award the team aimed to better understand better what motivates students to decide to go to university and what they care about when making that choice. Whilst this work initially focused on the UK, it was created with the intention of supporting students everywhere. 

Being free is a big compenent of the project's global success, as it ensures that students everywhere can benefit from Go Enrol. To date Go Enrol has been used in over 140 countries, with the UK, Thailand, Indonesia and India being the primary sources of traffic. 


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