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What if there was a way to collectively build a local equity stake; a revenue fund to support local people to do good stuff together, creating positive social impact in return for their community?

The idea is that 100 people invest in a long-term stake in a community interest company that does social good for the people in their village, town, or city. This is match funded by volunteers’ labour or ‘sweat equity’, to develop mutually beneficial opportunities, directly addressing the concerns of the neighbourhood.

Local equity stake is an investment by neighbours, for the long-term benefit of the community.

As an innovation of the existing Payment by Results model, savings to the public purse could replenish this local equity stake fund. As an example, if the health of a group of people targeted by a local equity stake-supported community interest company improved, the savings to the NSH could be used to top up the fund. The public purse benefits from medium and long-term savings thanks to the initial investment of 100 neighbours willing to support local, socially impactful initiatives.

This investment risk is managed at a micro neighbourhood level, split across many as a nominal amount. The gains are felt by the individuals; groups; village, town, or city; Council; and the state. The sustainable cycle this work incapsulates locks in mutual action for the common good between people and place. It reconfigures relationships to maximise collective gains and public funds delivered by local people.

The return from a local equity stake of 100 people makes waves as sustainable social impact for the neighbourhood and as well as value added to house prices over the longer term. It is a long-term investment in the place you live for you, your family, and your neighbourhood.

Get involved

I am looking for people who are interested in exploring this idea. I could especially use help in developing further public consultation. 

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to learn more about the project or think you can offer support by sending me an email

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Phil Arnold

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