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Initial research and questions


  1. What are the key benefits of living in the case study towns (Frodsham, Todmorden, Kendal and Berwick upon Tweed) and what are the key challenges facing residents?
  2. What will be the likely impact on rural life and livelihoods of more highly paid knowledge intensive jobs in the city regions?
  3. How can schools, colleges and adult education facilities be better informed and equipped to enable people living in rural towns to benefit from the Northern Powerhouse?
  4. How can rural residents be better equipped to find out what choices they could make and what they should be aiming for academically and vocationally in order to enable them to remain part of their rural communities but still take advantage of the Northern Powerhouse economic growth?
  5. How will improved connectivity between cities impact on rural areas and what measures need to be taken to minimise any negative aspects?
  6. What strategies can rural areas on the edge of City Regions develop to improve the good aspects of rural living and minimise the bad?