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The City Growth Commission considered what is needed to enable our cities to thrive; driving economic growth, creating jobs and enabling cities to become fiscally more sustainable. It examined what political powers and governance arrangements are needed to deliver this, as well as how integrated public service reform can improve outcomes for local people and the economy. 


Chaired by renowned economist Jim O’Neill, the City Growth Commission, the Commission sought to make the case for cities to take a new, enhanced role in national and local policy and governance. Over the course of its 12 month independent inquiry, the Commission focussed on skills, infrastructure and connectivity, and fiscal devolution. The Commission's final report, 'Unleashing Metro Growth', was launched in October 2014. 

Watch our final event below: 

 The Commission's inquiry consisted of the following:

  • An open call for evidence. The Commission commenced with an open call for evidence. This was in relation to the core questions identified above. In particular submissions were sought from businesses, the investor community and business groups, as well as from local government, think tanks and civil society organisations. The Commission held several hearings so that it could hear directly from key organisations.

  • Commissioned research. Several commissioned research projects examined the evidence, modelled and tested solutions, in relation to some of the central questions that the Commission explored.

  • High level seminars and round tables. These explored the core questions and test solutions in a series of discreet round tables targeted at key groups including senior civil servants, manifesto teams, business leaders, city leaders, think tanks, academics and economists. Each round table included presentations on core issues and barriers that the Commission is explored together with potential solutions to these which was tested and developed through facilitated discussion.

This RSA project is working in partnership with Core Cities Group, London Councils, Mayor of London, Local Government Association, British Private Equity & Venture Capital Association, Joseph Rowntree Foundation and Universities UK.