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RSA Independent Review calls for major reform if the Police Federation is to be the trusted voice for frontline officers - 20 January 2014
The final report of the RSA Independent Review of the Police Federation of England and wales is published today. Based on the evidence it received, the Review Panel sets out the case for fundamental reform of the Federation’s culture, behaviours, structures and organisation... Read the full statement

91 percent of Police Federation members call for change - 30 October 2013
The Independent Review into the Police Federation has found that sixty-four per cent of its members are dissatisfied with the overall performance of the Federation and ninety-one per cent believe it’s time for the organisation to change....Read the full statement

Independent Review launches final large-scale survey of members with Ipsos MORI - 3 September 2013
As the Independent Review enters the final month of evidence gathering, it is launching a large-scale survey which will influence the Review’s recommendations for the future of the Police Federation... Read the full statement

Announcing the first Panel meeting of the Independent Review of the Police Federation - 12 April 2013
The first Panel meeting of the Independent Review of the Police Federation was held today at the RSA. It agreed the terms of reference of the review as previously published, and next steps with regards to the formal launch of the Review consultation... Read the full statement

RSA to manage independent review of Police Federation - 26 March 2013
An independent review into the operation of the Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) is to be managed by the RSA, it was announced today... Read the full statement