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Do you have an idea to make the world a better place? Or maybe a desire to help others make their ideas a reality?

Our upcoming RSA Ideas Online event (7 June at 7:00 pm BST) may be the opportunity you need to take the plunge and explore ideas with other Fellows. Eleanor Roosevelt once said "Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people." Fellows aren't short on creativity and great ideas, but coming together to discuss ideas is not always easy, especially for those with busy working lives, family commitments, or living far from London or Regional RSA hubs and events.

You may be familiar with RSA Ideas but if not, you can have a look at the format . In spite of its success, the location-based format excludes Fellows with good ideas who are unable to travel, whether for personal reasons or simply because events are too far away. By extending the format online, we can now reach out to Fellows in remote parts of the UK and around the world, enriching ideas and making new connections between Fellows not previously possible.

Ideas aren't like Tinkerbell. Simply believing in them doesn't make them true

Tim Hurson, author of ‘Think Better’

By adapting the RSA Ideas format to the online world, we can invite all those with a broadband connection to participate, either by pitching their ideas or offering support and advice. We have already tested the online format as a part of the Fellows Incubator and the feedback from all participants has been positive, despite the inevitable limitations of the technology, and the absence of pre or post event drinks!

Through holding RSA Ideas online, we can connect and engage more Fellows, incubate new ideas and take another step towards a more global, inclusive and diverse RSA. It would be great for this format to become a regular feature of the events programme alongside the place-based format. Do leave any questions or messages of support or suggestions in the comments below and I, other supporting Fellows or members of the RSA Engagement team will get back to you.

Register to attend or apply to pitch at RSA Ideas: Online. 

If you are considering RSA Crowdfunding or applying for a Catalyst award this might be a good first step - more details on these at

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  • Looking forward to it - while it's sometimes possible to meet other Fellows in the UK this is truly a chance to test and share ideas globally.

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