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New ideas and hard questions


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An apology to my regular reader that my blog activity has been less frequent of late.  Tonight I have my annual RSA lecture and I have been somewhat preoccupied.  However, I thought you might be interested in a column in The Times this morning which covers some of the issues I hope to discuss in the speech.

And I can't resist linking to this excellent piece by my former colleague, Philip Collins.  It came the day after  Professor David Blanchflower, an external member of the MPC, was asking some very hard questions about Conservative economic policies.  I am trying to avoid being too 'political' in this blog, but I can't help thinking that, while the problem of Mr Brown for Labour is his apparent unelectability, the problem for the country is that the party likely to form the next government is not being subject to the scrutiny from which both it and we would benefit.

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