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From flawed to fool-proof: how to do policy better

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RSA House, London

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Anthony King and Ivor Crewe, two of Britain’s most distinguished political scientists, offer sharp analysis of the common patterns behind poor policymaking, and a spirited prescription for how to govern more wisely and effectively.


From the poll tax to the Millennium Dome to ID cards, from Conservative to Labour administrations – not forgetting the current coalition - the list of government blunders and poorly executed policy is disturbingly longer than most of us realise.

Groupthink, constantly rotating ministers and weak parliaments all contribute to the blundering of modern governments. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Informed by decades of research and dozens of insider interviews, Crewe and King offer a penetrating diagnosis of flawed government and a spirited prescription for more fool-proof policy.

Speakers: Anthony King, millennium professor of Government at the University of Essex; Sir Ivor Crewe, master of University College, Oxford.

Chair: Matthew Taylor, RSA Chief Executive.


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