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RSA LGBT Network Gathering

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The Admiralty, London

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Come along to the March RSA LGBT Network meetup.

Join in the discussion on follow up on fundraising, access, and educating on LGBT equality and diversity via theatre workshop developments over some informal drinks with others in the network.

All are very welcome to join, both Fellows and non-Fellows of the RSA. You don’t need to have been to a previous meeting to get involved!

If you have any questions, please contact Network Lead Niranjan Kamatkar FRSAby email, or via the RSA website.

Location: The Admiralty, 66 Trafalgar Square, London WC2N 5DS

About this network…

Leading cultural change and enriching society around diverse and inclusive LGBT+ issues via lecture series, creative interventions, and networking events while reducing stigma and stereotyping of LGBT+ people.

We will aim to work towards conditions for change: working with education, arts, culture, as well as sports bodies and other workplaces (corporate, statutory, and public bodies) to enhance engagement of LGBT people and bring LGBT cultural issues to the forefront.

We will aim to work towards creating a resource base of LGBT practitioners for educational, statutory bodies, and media for future use. It is a great opportunity for people who acted as informal ambassadors to work towards creating LGBT ambassadorships structures.

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