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RSA Rawthmells: Design for Social Innovation in Fashion

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Rawthmells Coffeehouse (RSA House), London

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How might we achieve a more sustainable fashion industry? Join RSA Rawthmells, Design for Social Innovation, and the Global Shapers Community to use your skills for good at our second interactive evening event, using the DSI game to tackle challenges facing the fashion industry.

 The Game:

Design for Social Innovation (DSI) is a social impact platform enabling anyone, anywhere to use their skills for good. The DSI game is an opportunity for participants to learn innovation tools, dive into new industries, and prototype concepts to address a social challenge in the span of a few hours. The game condenses portions of the design process, encourages collaboration across diverse fields, and facilitates the blending of disparate ideas with game cards. Each participant brings unique perspectives and knowledge. As they are unleashed, new ways of creating social impact will also be revealed. Through this process, participants will experience for themselves the creative results of collaborative cross-pollination.

The Challenge:

How might we achieve a more sustainable fashion industry? Clothes and textiles are the #1 source of primary microplastic to the oceans, accounting for 34.8% of the global total. In a world of fast fashion, the average clothing consumption per household per year is equivalent to the carbon emissions of 6,000 cars on the road, and one third of the carbon footprint of clothes comes from the way we care for them. In some parts of the world, garment workers earn just one quarter of a living wage and work up to 150 hours of overtime per month. A survey of 219 fashion brands found that only 12% could demonstrate any action towards paying a wage above the legal minimum. From unjust working conditions and human rights violations to significant environmental damage, the way that we produce and consume fashion is broken.

How might we change the design, production, distribution, consumption, and disposal of apparel to become kinder to people and planet?  As we explore the concurrent challenges facing the fashion industry today, we will look at the consequences, implications, and potential opportunities they bring through the lens of design, technology, business, and policy.

This event is a part of Shaping Fashion, an initiative of the global Shapers Community (a youth community within the World economic Forum), and Fashion revolution Week, which aims to unite people and organisations to work together towards radically changing the way our clothes are sourced, produced and consumed.

The Format:

6:00pm     Registration & refreshments
6:30pm     Discussion: Diverse approaches to Sustainable Fashion
8:00pm    DSI game: Jeopardy round
8:30pm    Wrap up

This event is being led by a Fellow of the RSA.


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