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RSA Rawthmells: How dancers make and express change

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Rawthmells Coffeehouse (RSA House), London

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How can dance highlight challenges facing society and create positive social change? Join six movement artists for an evening of performance and conversation curated by Carole Edrich FRSA, to understand their work and the associated social impact.

Six performers will share their work-in-progress and give you the opportunity to discuss the social drivers, impact and objectives of their work. RSA Fellow Carole Edrich has curated the evening and will also explain why what these dancers are doing is important, and how her social enterprise DanceGRIST will promote, empower and support them.

The performers; Ffion Campbell-Davies, Tyrone Isaac Stuart, Isaac Ouro-Gnao, Julia Cheng, Katie Boag and Nathan Geering, are all multi-skilled and at different stages of their creative and professional development. Each has a different movement vocabulary, performance philosophy, and important story to tell.

Videos from and about other dancers will also be played on a loop throughout the day and immediately after the performances end; you can enjoy these at your leisure. 

This event is free and open to all. You do not need to be a Fellow of the RSA to attend. If you fancy something to eat or drink before, during or after the event, Rawthmells coffeehouse (in RSA House) is open from 8:30am to 9pm and serves coffee, cocktails and food all day, with profits supporting The RSA’s social change programmes.