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RSA Rawthmells: Art with... cybersecurity

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Rawthmells Coffeehouse (RSA House), London

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How can abstract painting inform cybersecurity, and why should it? Join speakers from The National Cyber Security Centre and the Royal College of Art in a conversation facilitated by artist Degard FRSA for Rawthmells, The RSA's 21st century enlightenment coffeehouse.

ART with…’ is a new series of talks curated by artist Degard FRSA from the Royal College of Art for Rawthmells coffeehouse at The RSA. The series will explore the crossover between the arts and other disciplines.

For the second event in the series, Degard will explore ‘ART with… cybersecurity. She will be joined by John Y from The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and artist Katie Pratt (RCA). 

Art, in this context, refers to abstract painting. How can painting inform cybersecurity? Why is cybersecurity interested in the arts? In our increasingly connected world more than 17 billion internet connected devices are already in use. From the latest connected cars to the fridges of the near future, effective cyber security will be relied on for everything from keeping aeroplanes and cars on course, to keeping our valuable data safe. 

The NCSC recently invited artists Katie Pratt, Andrew Bick and Jonathan Parsons, painters at the Royal College of Arts, to collaborate with the NCSC Sociotechnical Security Group. The reason? They saw the potential and benefit to both disciplines of using shared approaches to analyse systems and to identify emerging risks and anomalous behavior.

In a ‘Parkinson’ style conversation the speakers will discuss how these two unlikely disciplines work together.


Other events in the series include: 

Wednesday 5th June: Art with... homelessness. Tickets here

Tuesday 3rd September: Art with... politics. Coming soon! 


If you fancy something to eat before or after the event, or a drink to enjoy whilst you listen, Rawthmells coffeehouse (in RSA House) is open from 8:30am to 9pm and serves coffee, cocktails and food all day, with profits supporting The RSA’s social change programmes.



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Please click here for Rawthmells accessibility statement. Please note that wheelchair access to The Steps is currently restricted whilst we await the delivery of a custom-made platform. Please get in touch to discuss access via [email protected] or call Rawthmells Events and Programme manager on +44 (0)20 7451 6937 for more information.