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Milnes Bar, Hanover Street, Edinburgh

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The recent edition of the RSA Journal focuses on cities and place. In his article States of Mind, Chris Murray, Director of Core Cities UK, writes about the need for us to understand how our cities shape us psychologically, if we are to improve wellbeing and create more sustainable ways of urban living. The group will discuss what this means for our own city.

Discussion points will include:

“The rapid pace of change of the past few centuries has placed a strain on our adaptability. Living in cities promotes a linear, sped-up experience of time”

Is this your experience? What does it mean for our wellbeing?

“The city places constant calls on our attention … we need quiet areas away from constant visual stimulation. Cities are increasingly recognising this, creating spaces for calm reflection.”

Is Edinburgh doing this? Are there other examples we could follow?

"The overwhelming population sizes of cities can challenge our ‘hardwiring’… we have 'the mind of a village, living in the city.”

Do you agree/disagree? What do you get out of living in a big city? How do you adapt?

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