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Northern Coffeehouse: Food clubs and co-ops

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Join us most Fridays at 1pm for an informal lunchtime talk from one of our guest speakers, followed by a chance to discuss the topic of the day or anything else that is on your mind, in small breakout rooms. 

For our second Northern Coffeehouse session, we’re joined by Helen Stephens, a longstanding social entrepreneur from Liverpool. During the Covid-19 lockdowns in 2020, Helen worked with others to open up two separate food club co-operative shops in Liverpool, serving different parts of the city. An alternative to foodbanks for those who might not have a lot of money, both shops have gone from strength to strength, and now have hundreds of regular shoppers. Helen will tell us all about the inspiration to set up, how she went about it, and some of the challenges she’s faced along the way.

Join us to hear about the project, share your own ideas, and connect with other Fellows. We start at 1pm and we’ll be finished by 1.45pm, allowing you to enjoy your Friday lunch break with inspiring speakers and interesting colleagues.