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Navigating the unknown: turning the unexpected from a threat into an ally

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In an increasingly uncertain and unpredictable world, how can wayfinding and serendipity research, and practice, help us to navigate the unknown? 

Join the RSA for an interactive discussion on how to navigate the unknown and increase our capacity for exploration.

Our lives are filled with uncertainties, chance encounters, interruptions and disruptions and we are increasingly spending more time in spheres of the unknown than in familiar territory. Added to that, many of us are managing teams through significant change, supporting family members through their transitions or finding our own path through difficult times. 

So, how can we approach the unpredictableness of our lives when there’s no map or compass to help guide us? 

For this interactive event, Joan P. Ball, FRSA, and Dr. Christian Busch, FRSA, will share their work on wayfinding and serendipity so that we can better navigate life's inevitable turning points, thresholds, and transitions - at work, at home and in between. 

Attendees are encouraged to share their insights and questions during this virtual discussion.

RSA US Virtual Salons usually occur on the fourth Thursday of each month; they aim to create open dialogue and a space for RSA US Fellows to connect across geography over the issues of our times. Join a Salon to get to know other RSA US Fellows and our interests, passions, and perspectives. Salons are supported through the moderation of a volunteer to ensure that a diversity of voices are heard. We invite all Fellows to join this discussion to deepen the ways we can connect with each other across the country! 

Photo attribution: The original image can be accessed via Unsplash and is the work of Isaac Davis.

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