Re-frame Your Now, Re-vision Your Future: A Regenerative Way of Seeing

Fellowship Event

 -  | BST British Summer Time

Harbour Pavilion, Bristol BS1 5JE

  • Creativity
  • Mental health
  • Mindfulness
  • Health & wellbeing

We live in a time of uncertainty; people from all walks of life are finding it increasingly hard to feel safe, well and resilient.

In this introductory workshop we explore how seeing with fresh eyes using the imagination, visualisation, a mindful approach to photography and nature connection, helps us to:

• Stay calm and mentally well, keeping a positive mindset

• Deal with fear, anxiety and depression around uncertainty and change

• Connect with ourselves, colleagues and the wider world

• Remain focused, motivated, creative and productive

• Build resilience and take positive action.

We focus on the Look Again '7Rs' - A Regenerative Way of Seeing framework and journey together from Rest to Respond. Using our eyes as an anchor, we become more present in the NOW, whilst also visioning and creating the FUTURE we’d like to see.

This is a fun, creative and experiential workshop using the evidence-based Look Again methodology, practical activities and creative conversations.

Bring your smartphone or camera, a leaf that has called you to pick it up, and an open mind.

Come prepared to see with curiosity, creativity and compassion, and make new meaningful connections.

Learn techniques that you can embed in your daily life, at home and at work.

Ruth is the Managing Director of Look Again and a leader in the field of mindful photography. She brings together 30 years-experience of working in the private, public and non-profit settings around the world with her love of photography, to support the health and wellbeing of people and planet.

This session is the second in a series of creative and reflective sessions on the theme of regenerative leadership skills for changemakers led by South West Fellows in 2023.

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