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Design for Life: Digital badging - skills validation for the 21st century

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The world as it is: fragile, unbalanced, degenerative. The world as it could be: resilient, rebalanced, regenerative. Explore with us how particular perspectives on challenge and change can help build flourishing futures for people, places and the planet. 

In this interactive events series, we share insights from the RSA’s Design for Life mission, including six perspectives we consider core to regenerative change: systemic, imaginative, adaptive, collective, long-time and authentic. How might we invite these perspectives into all our work to transform our economic, social and environmental systems to be more conducive to life? 

We spotlight where these perspectives are being applied within a range of work-in-progress interventions by the RSA, as well as by our Fellows and partners to imagine and pursue better futures. Join us to discuss what we’re doing, what we’re learning, and what shows up in your own changemaking work. 

In the 19th century, the RSA invented the modern exam. Now we're championing a 21st century innovation to validate the skills and capabilities that exams miss.  

At this event, Tom Kenyon (Head of Enterprise Design) will share insight into the RSA’s work with partners Badge Nation on recognising the skills that aren’t well captured by exams. 

Digital badges provide a detailed digital record of learning that is valuable for learners, employers and learning providers. For the last four years, The RSA and Badge Nation have worked together to recognise learning across the Cities of Learning interventions (and beyond) with over 600 employers, local authorities, charities and learning institutions.  

Guest speaker and RSA Fellow, Jonathan Clitheroe (Director, Badge Nation), will share his insights into the opportunities digital badges present for organisations and institutions, how these benefit learners of all ages and how you can get badging. Tom Kenyon will share information about The RSA’s new research and convening work into standards for badges and other digital credentials, and the potential to scale the use of permanent digital records of learning for everyone. 

Presentations from our speakers will be followed by an opportunity for questions and discussion.

We welcome all changemakers who are interested from different fields and disciplines, within and beyond our RSA Fellowship community.

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