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Considering the inequalities of climate change – a conversation

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Join the RSA Global community for an explorative dialogue to witness and acknowledge the impact of climate change on people and communities experiencing exclusion, inequality and deprivation within our societies.

This unique event invites you to step into a collective exploration of the interconnectedness between humanity and the environment, fostering a deeper understanding of people who live with greater impact from climate change. Engage in contemplative discussions that invite participants to share personal reflections and insights as well as collective context. Connect with fellow participants in a mindful and open-hearted space focused on recognizing where each of us are on this “journey.” 

Join us as we reflect upon the importance of people’s relationship with the natural world, and how such insights could be influential in mitigating and responding to the existing and future needs of excluded groups and deprived populations and communities in a way that is reciprocal, sustaining and nurturing to people and the natural world in which they live. Your presence and contemplative voice are integral to this shared exploration.


Zandrea Stewart FRSA

Zandrea brings together a breadth of experiences gained from 30 years of operational practice, providing leadership across health, social care and community and holding space coaching individuals, leaders and groups.

Zandrea is a systemic leader working across the public sector and within communities, experienced in strategic integrated commissioning and practice specialising her operational practice as a social worker in the field of Mental Health and Neurodiversity. In addition Zandrea is a qualified executive, systemic and holistic Coach which has enabled her to hold the space for system leaders to develop confidence to lead from a place of collaboration and conscious action.

Zandrea is passionate about tackling inequality and is now keen to learn about and raise awareness of health, social and environmental inequalities of climate change. To support this she is undertaking a MSc Sustainability and Behaviour Change, putting her passion for a more equitable future for people, places and the planet into conscious action.

Zandrea have always had a love for the natural world and is increasingly shining a light on the importance of the equity and respect shown to all life for the benefit of everyone. As such Zandrea uses practices such as forest bathing (Shirin Yoko) as part of her coaching practice.

Carrie Norton FRSA

Carrie Norton is the Founder & CEO of Green Business BASE CAMP, and a founding member of Finpublica’s Board of Directors. She is a systems entrepreneur, advisor, executive coach, and investor with a track record for helping entrepreneurs, organizations, and investors embed sustainability into their DNA and grow responsibly.

As a leader in the entrepreneurial field, Carrie is committed to reclaiming, redefining, and redesigning entrepreneurial success in service of well-being, equity, and inclusion for founders, investors, and organizations in the private and public sectors. She is especially committed to advancing women's leadership and success at all levels, and to actively collaborating to manifest a regenerative future.

James Stauch FRSA

James is the Executive Director of the Institute for Community Prosperity at Mount Royal University, where he has developed or co-created social innovation, leadership, and systems-focused learning programs for both undergraduates and the broader community. Among the Institute's learning programs is a Canada-wide competition of the global Map the System student challenge.

A former foundation executive and philanthropy and social change consultant, James is a Visiting Fellow at the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship at the University of Oxford, and also serves as the Managing Partner for the Centre for Social Impact Technology.

He is the lead author of a annual scan of trends and emerging issues, produced in partnership with Calgary Foundation, and has authored or co-authored a wide variety of works, including on aging, artificial intelligence, accessibility, food security, nonprofit mergers, northern policy, philanthropy, social change leadership, social enterprise, and systems mapping. James is currently co-writing a book on pre-innovation, building a better understanding of complex problems before you attempt to ‘solve’ them. 

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