FAQs: Applying and interviewing for a job with the RSA

Q. How do I apply?

A. To apply for a role, click on ‘apply for this job’ on the job listing. You’ll be taken to a short application form and a space to upload your CV and answer a few role specific questions. There is no need to submit a cover letter. Once the role has closed, we will let you know whether you are invited to an interview or not. Typically, we give candidates around a week to prepare before the interview.

Key tip: once you have completed Step 3 and click ‘next’, you will have submitted your application and won’t be able to go back and amend so do ensure you’re happy with it by this point!

Q. How should I prepare for the interview and task?

A. If a task hasn’t been specified in your invite, there won’t be anything specific to prepare. However, it would be useful to familiarise yourself with some of our blogs and reports plus familiarise yourself with who we are before your interview for some useful (and interesting!) context.

Q. Can I request reasonable adjustments?

A. We are committed to equality of opportunity and will accommodate any reasonable adjustments you request. Please do try to let us know in good time so we can arrange this for you.

Q. What is the office dress code?

A. The dress code is smart casual – we want you to feel comfortable at your interview and when working with us.

Q. How early should I arrive for my interview?

A. We’d suggest arriving at the RSA House around 10 minutes before your interview is due to start so you can catch your breath and get settled in. Once you let reception know you’re here, a member of the panel will come down to greet you. If your interview is online, please click on the Zoom link prior to your interview to ensure it is working.

Q. What happens at the interview?

A. You will typically meet a panel of three, including your prospective line manager. Many of the questions will be behaviour-oriented (those are the ones that start with something like “Please give an example of a time when you…”), and will likely relate closely to the person specification on the job description.

The interviewers will want to hear all about your relevant experience and where you’ve really made a difference. Our interviewers are looking for you to respond by describing the situation, task, the action you took, and the result. They’ll be assessing your relevant skills as well as your alignment with the RSA’s values.

You may also be set a task relevant to the role you’re applying for – your invitation email will include details (we won’t spring anything on you!). This might be a presentation on a given topic, or a written task like writing a blog post or a work-sample test.

Q. Will I get the opportunity to ask questions on the day?

A. Yes! This is a two-way process and we love to hear from a candidate who is engaged with the RSA’s mission. There will be dedicated time at the end of the interview to ask us any questions you have.

Q. What happens after the interview?

A. We sometimes ask candidates back for a second interview, particularly our senior roles. This may include a ‘meet the team’ opportunity. If you’re successful and offered the role, we’ll call you as soon as possible (usually the following day). We’ll offer you a starting salary and discuss when you can start with us. If you are pipped to the post, we’ll inform you as soon as possible. We are always happy to provide individual feedback about your interview on request.