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Arts-Rich Schools


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The stories of 8 schools offering great arts education.

The RSA visited arts-rich schools across the country to learn more about the strategies they have used to maintain a strong arts offer.

For example:    

  • Giving the arts high status within their school
  • Prioritising dedicated arts spaces
  • Developing a range of partnerships to facilitate curricular and extra-curricular offer
  • Maintaining curriculum breadth at secondary school
  • Prioritising specialist staff
  • Timetabling to put the arts at the centre of school life

Read inspiring examples and stories from school leaders, teachers and students in Arts-Rich Schools.

Download Arts-Rich Schools (pdf, 1.6 MB)

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Picture of Sam Cairns
Sam Cairns
Co-Director, Cultural Learning Alliance

Picture of Fran Landreth Strong
Researcher, Economic Security and Young People

Picture of Elinor Lobley
Elinor Lobley
Intern - Creative Learning and Development

Picture of Claudia Devlin
Claudia Devlin
Intern, Creative Learning and Development

Picture of Laura Partridge
Associate Director, Creative Learning and Education