The Cultural Learning Evidence Champion’s Handbook


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This handbook is a guide to getting to grips with what we call the ‘evidence agenda’ in arts and cultural learning.

Using evidence of how others have made a difference and evaluating our own impact can help the whole sector improve, making arts and cultural learning stronger and more sustainable.

The trouble is that it is hard and no one ever tells you what you need to be good at to be good at using evidence.

This handbook is designed to make it easier to ‘do’ evidence and evaluation. We also hope it will help you love them and to become a champion for them and spread the good word throughout arts and cultural education.

Beginners can be Evidence Champions, just as much as experts can, but you might want a little guidance when you’re taking your first steps.

Throughout the guide we talk about the attitudes, the approaches and the key skills of an Evidence Champion. There’s also advice on the things you can do right now with the teachers, arts and cultural educators, funders and evaluators you collaborate with to make arts and cultural learning more evidence-rich

That’s why we cover some of the key knowledge and skills you’ll need, as well as some things you can do right now.

Download The Cultural Learning Evidence Champion’s Handbook (pdf, 4.5 MB)

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