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Creating a manifesto for a city-led, green recovery


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In June 2020, Core Cities UK and the RSA held a summit involving top-level city leaders, officials, academics, and investors to discuss the terms of a locally-led green recovery in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. This paper summarises the discussion from that event.

This paper also outlines a future agenda of work to flow from it: a manifesto for a city-led recovery that will raise this agenda and seek to influence the shape of the post-Covid recovery. It outlines both what might be contained in such a manifesto and how we might go about delivering it, based upon the discussions from the summit.

The summit focused on finding practical solutions across three domains:

  1. Policy: What are the key policies at cities’ disposal – what policy levers do cities need to develop to lead the recovery and what investment levers can we pull?
  2. Advocacy: How can cities make their case in ways which are most likely to influence ministers and officials (especially ahead of the upcoming comprehensive spending review)?
  3. Mobilisation: How can we shape the broader debate among stakeholders – business, trade unions, academia  and enthuse and involve the general public?

Download the report (PDF, 272 KB)

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