Shifting the Balance of Power: The Case for Shareholder Activism - RSA

Shifting the Balance of Power: The Case for Shareholder Activism


  • Economics and Finance

with David Pitt Watson, Oliver Reichardt, James Perry and Andy Hull

Catherine Howarth Leads a Panel as they Argue the Case for Shareholder Activism

Watch as our panel look at shifting the balance of power in business. Anyone can buy a share, go to a company AGM and ask a question of the board, bypassing the maze of customer service and PR departments to speak directly to the people with ultimate responsibility.

And boards listen! Thanks to questions at AGMs over the last few years, companies have begun to act: paying Living Wages, pulling out of controversial trade associations, and improving their transparency on tax and sustainability policies.

With: Catherine Howarth, CEO, ShareAction; Councillor Andy Hull, executive Member for Finance and Performance, Islington Council and Vice Chair of the Islington Pension Fund; David Pitt-Watson, executive Fellow, London Business School; and James Perry, Chairman, COOK.

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