The dual education system - Integrating Madrassa with Mainstream education


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This documentary sheds light on the differences between the religious and academic systems of education in Pakistan.

If you walk down any street in Pakistan, you will probably find it easy to distinguish a madrassa student from an English medium school student. Religious and class differences in Muslim society have raised walls between some communities, eroding communication, tolerance and understanding. This documentary sheds light on religious and academic systems of education through interviews with senior academics, religious scholars and students, and provides a fascinating insight into many of the educational challenges and issues Pakistan today. The film shows many committed professional people from all backgrounds working together on these issues.

Producer and Director: Alum Khan

Location: Islamabad (Beaconhouse School Margalla Campus, Jamia Ghosia Madrasa I8/3, Jamia Mohammadi Madrasa F6).

Interviewees: Bushra Bukhari (Teacher, Beaconhouse School Isb), Saleem Saafi (Analyst), Zafar Iqbal Jillali (Principal, Jamia Ghosia Madrasa), Molana Tanveer Alvi (Vice President, Jamia Mohammadi Madrasa).


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