Fellowship Council

The Fellowship Council is a representative forum for Fellows of the RSA, with the core aim of promoting more effective working relationships between all aspects of the RSA, and specifically ensuring that the Fellowship’s voice is heard by the Trustee Board and by RSA staff.

Nominations to join the Fellowship Council closed on 16 July 2014 - find out about future plans on the Governance page.

The Fellowship Council meets quarterly. Find out what was discussed at previous Fellowship Council meetings.

Elections were held in 2012 for Regional/National Chairs and Fellowship Councillors to help establish new Regional/National Teams to work with Fellows to develop activity across the RSA, both locally and nationally. There is a handbook for Fellows involved in the regional teams, which outlines regional composition, the roles involved and has some guidance around events, networks and communications. Read the handbook.  

The Fellowship Council (in line with the terms of reference) is made up of:

  • 14 Regional/National Chairs
  • 14 Regional Fellowship Councillors
  • 7 At-Large Fellowship Councillors
  • 5 At-Large Fellowship Councillors (*co-opted)

East of England
Malcolm Noble
Suzanna Pickering
East Midlands
Dr Peter Robinson
Ruth Jindal
Denis Stewart
Suzanne Lyle
Susan Bennett
North East
Jan M Portillo
Bill Gibbon
North West
Lilian Barton
Erinma Ochu
John Naylor
Tanya Hine
South East
Dr Irene Campbell
Mark Hadley
South Central
Tony Hoskins
Bethan Michael
South West
Nicholas John Parker
Philippa Rose 
West Midlands
Keith Horsfall
Lorna Prescott
Andrew Board
Wiard Sterk
Ted Fowler
Allan Bosley
Pam Warhurst
Jackie Goodman


Read the Fellowship Council Impact Report for 2012  

If you would like more information regarding the Fellowship Council and its activities, please email Irene Campbell (Chair), Wiard Sterk (Deputy Chair) or email the Fellowship team.